Your message is
our mission

Defining it, elevating it, amplifying it. We do that by creating merchandise that’s thoughtful, impactful, and makes a lasting impression.

Imagine holiday gifts your clients will want to keep, a welcome packet that gets new employees excited to work with you, or custom clothing that your customers won’t want to take off.

What we stand for

You have to stand for something if you want to stand out, and what we stand for is you. We are storytellers who will always go above and beyond for your brand and message.


We take pride in fostering meaningful relationships with our clients. This customer service mindset sets us apart and drives us to create a standout experience, from start to finish.


“One size fits all” isn’t in our vocabulary. Dreaming up creative, one-of-a-kind branded merchandise solutions that will leave a lasting impact on your customer is what gets us out of bed in the morning.


Where on-trend meets on-brand is where you stand out. We have our finger on the pulse of what’s cool right now, and we have a lot of ideas about how it can work for your brand.

A standout process

Our process is all about you.

We’re solution masters, and we’re here to go to bat for our clients. The Standout team is your champion, your ally, and your problem solver.

From the initial ask to the final delivery, we’ll guide you through the process and personalize our ideas with you in mind. We’re different because we care about you – and our can-do, customer service-focused approach proves it.

1. Discuss

It starts with a conversation. We get the important (and sometimes uncomfortable) questions out of the way first.

2. Ideate

After learning your goals, target, and budget, the team gets to work on ideating the branded merchandise that will make the most significant impact.

3. Review

We go through the options together, creating samples if necessary.

4. Produce

Once we’ve chosen the best solution, it’s time to rock. We send out a proof or sample and then go into production.

5. Deliver

We carefully pack and ship your merchandise. We can send it to you or directly to your customers – so you can sit back and stand out.

Our founder

Jesse Fenton launched the creative branded marketing company Standout Solutions in Royal Oak, Michigan, in 2015. Fenton wanted to take a more customer-centric approach to branded merchandise.

By fusing his creativity with his innate drive to always go the extra mile, Fenton creates custom products that are a true reflection of the needs, core values, and culture of his clients’ companies. For him, the happiness of Standout Solutions’ customers is the ultimate goal – both with the final product and the experience.